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As you know we are passionate about adventure at Kitekalle, and to ride a fatbike really is an adventure! One of the great things about riding a fatbike is that you can get around everywhere. In other words, you can ride where a normal bike can’t, which means you can ride whenever and wherever you want. At Kitekalle you can ride fatbike at our guided fatebike adventures with one of our great guides in Halmstad or Varberg.

What is a fatbike?

A fatbike is a kind of off-road bike with very wide tires, made to get around on soft and instable surfaces like snow, sand, mud or trails in the forest. Even though it looks a bit clunky it is very flexible and easy to ride, and it doesn’t weigh more than a normal bike. It’s the perfect companion for someone who wants to experience new adventures.

A fatbike gets around everywhere

To ride a fatbike is as we said an adventure. One of our fatbike guides, Lisa, compares riding a fatbike with riding a mischievous pony. Lisa means that you can get around everywhere and that it will definitely bring out the child in you. And she is right! A trip in the mountains, with our without snow, long beaches, wetlands, forests, the terrain doesn’t matter when you are on a fatbike.

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Can everyone ride a fatbike?

Yes! If you can ride a bike, you can ride a fatbike too. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a fatbike, fatbiking is suitable for everyone! We have fatbikes in different sizes, and each fatbike is adjustable, which means we guarantee to have a fatbike that fits you. Just like regular cycling, all you need is a helmet, clothing suitable for your biking experience, and perhaps something tasty for a snack. Then you’re ready to hop on your fatbike and set off.

Fatbike adventures with Kitekalle

Kitekalle offers several guided tours in our beautiful nature, both along sandy beaches and in forests. Our fatbike adventures come in various lengths, and you will surely find a fatbike adventure that suits you, whether you want to try a short ride or embark on a longer day trip. It is also possible to book a customized fatbike adventure for special occasions such as conferences, kickoffs, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, or simply because you want to experience something fun and inspiring together with someone you care about. A fatbike adventure will definitely make you want to cycle more!

Frequently asked questions about fatbikes

What is included in the rental?

The price includes only the rental of the bicycle and an additional lock. If you wish to rent a helmet, it costs 50 SEK.

Can I rent here and drop off somewhere else?

We transport bikes for an agreed fee, to the extent that we have the possibility to do so. Please email our booking staff at info@kitekalle.se for more information.

Is it hard/heavy to ride a fatbike?

Despite its appearance, a fatbike is a nimble and lightweight bicycle. It doesn’t weigh more than a regular bike, and if you can ride a bike, you can also ride a fatbike. They roll very easily, and you’ll get the most out of your cycling experience when riding in terrain or on the beach.

Do you have fatbikes for children?

We do not have fatbikes specifically for children, but all bikes are adjustable, so it depends on the height. Please speak to our booking staff when making a reservation.

How many people can participate in a guided fatbike adventure?

We recommend a maximum of 10-15 people to ensure that you get the most out of the guided tour. If you have specific requests, feel free to contact our booking staff at info@kitekalle.se for a customized experience.

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